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You will receive a usage license for the PrivazyPlan® which is not time restricted. There are two different usage models:

  • For small companies (with fewer than 10 employees) there is the “Short version”, which does not touch upon the obligations of the data protection officer. This version costs €3,100 (net) and can also be paid for in 24 monthly instalments of €139 (net).
  • For all other companies, we have the “Full version”, which covers all the obligations in their entirety. This version costs €5,400 (net) and can also be paid for in 24 monthly instalments of €239 (net).

Both versions will receive monthly updates until 25 May 2019. The indicated prices do not include statutory VAT. The PrivazyPlan® is only available to commercial buyers. Let the demo version convince you!




PrivazyPlan®   -   Order form



The ordering process and all related information are described in detail on our order form. You can peruse this at your leisure – no commitment. Simply click on the following link:

[Sorry, the English PDF order form is not yet ready.
It will be available during the course of December 2017.]

You can also fill in and save the order form on your computer, however this does not always work directly in the browser; you may need to save the PDF form locally or open it with your locally installed PDF reader.

The contract comes into effect once you submit the order form and arrange for payment using the order number received.


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